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A small, minority, woman-owned consulting company providing advisory services and integrated solutions for environmental and international security challenges.

JG Global Advisory, LLC has an office based in Washington, DC. We provide consulting services to public, private, and non-profit sectors for formulating sound policies and business development on law enforcement, international security, and environmental issues for full cycle proposal management, project assessments and implementation, business development, and corporate social responsibility issues.


  • Business Development: enhance long-term value for organizations from client base, markets and partnerships.
  • Full Cycle Project Management: pursue streamlined, effective project management for cost saving, timely full life cycle implementation.
  • Strategic Policy and Planning: develop policy areas, understand challenges and opportunities, and deliver a consistent and cohesive message both within organizations and external to their audience.

Previously managed large scale foreign assistance projects for law enforcement, the President has a proven track record advising on international security projects, grant proposals, and project assessments.

With over a decade of experience managing multi-million dollar capacity building and training programs in over 40 countries worldwide, we provide innovative approaches to strategic development and program management, creating solutions to save organizations money and time.

As a globally recognized thought leader and law enforcement expert, Jessica Graham serves on advisory boards and is part of the Expert Network, The Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime.

Working on long term challenges with immediate needs for short term impact, we know how to collaborate with partners, build trust, navigate through multi-stakeholder interests, and work in complex environments. We ensure projects are executed successfully and with real results.

Environmental Security

Combating Wildlife Trafficking:

Biodiversity loss caused by illegal international trade in wildlife, wildlife parts and products is a major threat to environmental sustainability goals. We focus on reducing the trafficking of illegal wildlife through enhanced partnership building, strong project management, and technical assistance.  We are working with partners throughout Africa and Asia to employ coordination, law enforcement, and governance solutions to address the illegal wildlife trade, linking these activities to sustainable management of biodiversity in the wild.

Community-based Natural Resources Management:

Offering unparalleled experience engaging people, communities, regional organizations, and national governments in the long-term sustainable management of their forest resources. Our socially inclusive and participatory approaches to natural resources management builds capacity within the government and civil society to become innovators in the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, while balancing conservation goals with economic growth and diversified use priorities.

Water Security and Climate Change:

Achieving water security is one of the major challenges faced by societies as it is essential to promote economic  and social development as well as resources sustainability and its impact on climate change.

About the President

The President is a former U.S. State Department official for nearly a decade where she managed law enforcement and environmental security programs. She executed budget planning, successfully developed and implemented projects, and served as a senior policy advisor.  She oversaw capacity building programs across Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America of up to $40 million annually. Successes included negotiating resolutions and pushing forward the environmental security agenda in the UN Crime Commission, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), ASEAN, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the G-7, and the G20. Most recently, she worked for INTERPOL Illicit Markets Sub-Directorate providing strategic policy for environmental security programs.  She has provided peer reviews and recently co-authored articles in the academic criminology journal, “Crime, Law, and Social Change”. The President has extensive experience living and working abroad in East Asia, Central Europe, and Eastern Africa.

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